The chronology of activities which resulted in the setting up of MCC are as follows:

June 2009
Appointment of the Special Working Committee
9 July 2009
First Meeting of the Special Working Committee for setting up the Malaysian Citation Centre (MCC)
25 August 2009
Request for opening an Trust Fund for "Special Task Committee for the development of MCC"
17 September 2009
An allocation of RM700,000 was made
20 October 2009
Meeting of members of the Special Committee on the establishment of the MCC with publishers from Malaysian universities
23-25 November 2009
Working visit of the Special Committee to visit Thomson Reuter's (ISI) off shore office in Chennai, India
20-21 November 2009
Workshop to establish guidelines for scholarly journals and to determine MCC's terms of reference
22-24 December 2009
Working visit of the Special Committee to Thai Journal Citation Centre at King Mongkut University, Bangkok, Thailand
28 December 2009
Meeting to finalize the Blueprint for MyCite and the guidelines for Malaysian scholarly journals
19 January 2010
Submission of a working paper for the establishment of MCC to the Ministry of Education Malaysia
7 April 2010
Presentation for the setting up of MCC
24 January 2011
Meeting between representatives of the Special Committee for the setting of MCC with the Vice Chancellor, University of Malaya to discuss the temporary placement for MCC within University of Malaya
15 February 2011
MCC office was temporarily placed at the Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology, University of Malaya to begin the development the MyCite(Malaysian Citation Index)