On 6-7 June 2009 Malaysia hosted the Seminar on Islamic World Science Citation Centre (ISC) at KLCC, Kuala Lumpur. The seminar participants included Deputy Vice Chancellors from Malaysian Universities, Chief Librarians and Chief editors of academic journals.

At that meeting delegates from Iran presented the Islamic Citation Index hosted by the Islamic Citation Centre in Shiraz, Iran. At that Seminar a resolution was put forward to establish a Centre in Malaysia to coordinate the collation and dissemination of scholarly works in journals, conference proceedings, book chapters, books and theses. This Centre will be the anchor for Malaysian scholarly publications and will host MyCite (Malaysian Citation Index), that will analyse and provide citation data only for domestic citations. Authors may use MyCite to find out who has cited their papers published in Malaysian scholarly works. Citations to foreign journals cited in a domestic journal is not within the scope of MyCite. From MyCite it is possible to identify which paper cites whose paper, the impact of a journal and an article. MyCite also provides users with easy access to Malaysian scholarly works over the Web.

The setting up of MCC is in line with the Ministry of Education's (MOE) aspiration specifically and the government of Malaysia in general to improve Malaysian university ranking by improving the quality of Malaysian publications especially scholarly journals. MCC would be the one-stop centre that would help internationalize Malaysian journal publications, making their contents accessible globally and indexed locally by MyCite as well as proposing their indexation by international indexing agencies such as Scopus and the ISI (Institute of Scientific Information) databases.

MCC's establishment is in tandem with MOE's aspiration as embedded in Core - 3 of the Malaysian Higher Education Strategic plan, that is to "strengthen research and innovation" in institutions of higher learning in terms of:

  1. Item 5.24 (iii): To increase collaboration amongst institutions of higher learning through improving the quality of research and publications
  2. Item 5.24 (xii): To encourage and assist researchers in their writings in refereed journals with high impact
  3. Item 5.24 (xii): To increase the quality of local journals so as to be competitive or at par with other international journals
  4. Item 9.28 (v): To improve the Ministry’s ability to compile and analyse data related to all aspects of higher education, [including the publication output from Malaysian institutions of higher learning]

The bulk of data that populates MyCite are derived from MyAIS (Malaysian Abstracting and Indexing System, http://myais.fsktm.um.edu.my) developed by the Digital Library Research Group, at the University of Malaya since 2007 MyAIS currently supports submissions from Malaysian scholarly journals and conference proceedings and provides information about what an author has published in Malaysian scholarly channels, and who in Malaysian writings are citing the author. MyAIS also provides average citation and impact information for journals that it indexes.

A journal audit carried out by the Malaysian Scholarly Journal Audit Committee in 2009 indicated the existence of over 543 journal titles published in Malaysia recorded in library collections and at various stages of publication (ceased, irregular or current) and 60% of these journals are in the fields of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences and 40% are in the science, technology and medical fields. It is estimated that a total of over 100,000 articles need to be covered by MyCite if all Malaysian journal articles are covered for a period of ten years.